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Custom SmartWeave extension plugin

Warp Contracts SDK enables custom SmartWeave extension plugin configuration. It will attach desired extension to global object accessible from inside a contract - SmartWeave.extensions (more about SmartWeave global API in this section).


Plugin can be created by implementing WarpPlugin interface:

export interface WarpPlugin<T, R> {
type(): WarpPluginType;

process(input: T): R;

It is required to set plugin type to a string starting with smartweave-extension-.

An example of such plugin can be seen below:

import { WarpPlugin, WarpPluginType } from 'warp-contracts';
import { custom } from 'custom-library';

class CustomExtension implements WarpPlugin<any, void> {
process(input: any): void {
input.custom = custom;

type(): WarpPluginType {
return 'smartweave-extension-custom';

Extension can be later used inside the contract as follow:


Example of SmartWeave extensions plugins are EthersPlugin and NlpPlugin.